Giving a new meaning to sleeping with the fishes £85,000-a-night luxury underwater villa in the Lost City of Atlantis

In the words of Sebastian, the optimistic, ocean-dwelling crustation from your favourite childhood, mermaid-based animation; everythings better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea. And ‘Villa Neptune’, a luxurious underwater concept-villa, definitely adopts this approach, and then some.

  • Boasting three exquisite bedrooms, enough to sleep 6 adults in the palatial comfort of King Neptune himself
  • Expansive, open-plan living quarters, where the outside quite literally ‘flows’ in
  • An infinity swimming pool that takes “infinity” to a new level, sea loungers, an outdoor eating area and views overlooking the ruined city beneath the waves

At an eye-watering £85k a night, this destination is aimed at those with pockets as deep as, well, the Mediterranean maybe?

The luxury accom is a recent concept developed by villa holiday company SPL Villas, experts in luxury holiday lets across, and now under the med. So if you can suspend your belief for just a little while, we’d like to take you on a tour of a holiday beneath the waves.

Obviously, there would be no flying to this particular destination, even with a sea plane. Make your own way to the Greek mainland, then head to the holiday company’s private jetty before boarding Villa Neptune’s exclusive submarine.

After being greeted with a tall glass of something cold, you’ll make like Jules Verne and head down into the depths. Breathe in the stunning surroundings (not literally) of the ocean floor, then don your aqualung; you’ve got to make your transfer to your home for the evening.

Upon arrival, you’ll notice the open space of the remodelled Atlantean home makes moving from terrace to balcony, balcony to bedroom as easy as a morning swim.

And although the surroundings may well be an ancient apocalyptic seascape, the contemporary furnishings and features will put you and your family at ease – despite any skulls on the sea bed.

The ground floor of Villa Neptune has a spacious open-plan living room and dining room designed for socialising and relaxing after a long day of walking amongst the seagrass and coral fields.

Walking through the kitchen, you’ll find space for cooking up some seriously fresh seafood, before heading out to the spacious outdoor courtyard.

*A way to operate the oven safely whilst underwater is still being looked into, so eating out is recommended for the time being).

A quick float upstairs and you’ll find three spacious bedrooms, each with an ensuite bathroom featuring a tub that’s always filled to the brim.

From the master bedroom, you can access a terrace with seating perfect for an alfresco breakfast or evening cocktail or two, Sex on the Beach anyone? Blue Lagoon? Dark and Stormy?

Outdoor space is no-less luxe. With sea loungers for everyone, an enormous pool, outdoor dining area and views overlooking the entire ocean floor, this would-be villa really would be one of a kind.

Managing director of SPL Villas, Ed Frampton-Fell, sat down with us to talk about the concept-accom; “We wanted to create something light-hearted and never seen before within the mediterranean holiday space.”

He went on to say, “the last two years have been full of ups and downs for the holiday industry, and now that we’re all finally seeing a return to normal, we wanted to create something fun to mark the occasion.”

You can browse through the photos and read all about this one-off dream holiday spot on the SPL Villas site.

Although this isn’t a real holiday destination yet, it may be that this type of accommodation isn’t that out of reach.

With existing accom in the Maldives, like The Muraka resort, an underwater hotel set just 16 feet beneath the waves, who knows how far into the future it will be until a whole villa, 150 feet below could be attainable?

Converting a submerged and ruined building is definitely a long way off, but buying sleek, modern underwater real estate has already arrived. Innovative US company H2OME create these luxury 3600 square foot pods.

All you need is as a casual $10 million and a slice of sea-bed, and you can start your own city of Atlantis (call it anything for that price!).

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