Luxury Travel on Budget: How to Make the Most of Your Vacation

Picture this…you’re at a luxurious beachside resort with attentive staff that anticipates your every need. You can almost feel the warmth of the sun on your face. But, thinking about your vacation budget may cause this vision to fade away.

Not so fast! Luxury travel on a budget is indeed possible. According to Eva-Marie Berry | Lifestyle Blog, there are ways to plan an opulent vacation without busting your budget.

Choose an Offbeat Destination

Having a luxury vacation on a budget is much easier when you explore some lesser-known places on the map. These will allow you to get more for your money without sacrificing what you want.

For example, if your dream vacation would be to French Polynesia in the South Pacific, consider a French-speaking island in the Caribbean like Guadeloupe that will give you a similar experience for less. 

Go During Off Season

If your heart is set on a particular luxury destination that is known for being pricey, plan on going during the off season.

You’ll save on your expenses and have more time to enjoy the things you want to see without hoards of tourists crowding things.

Additionally, many hotels and attractions will offer discounts and deals outside of the peak season, giving you the perfect chance to do more without spending more.

Know How to Save on Airfare

Saving money on your airfare will ensure you’ve got plenty for that luxury hotel stay. You can do this by choosing a destination with cheap flights, or by scanning the skies for the best offers.

Choose Four-Star Stays with Upgrades

Those five-star resorts tack on loads of extra fees. A great way to get that luxury hotel stay is simply by choosing a four-star hotel but upgrading your stay to the club floor.

You may even be able to use your accrued points to make the upgrade, a smart way to stay on budget while gaining more luxury.

You’ll have access to the club lounge and phenomenal perks like afternoon tea and snacks, cocktails, and more which will certainly make you feel indulged. 

Know the Tricks for Dining at the Best Restaurants

One of the best senses to indulge in during your travels is taste. However, eating at the best restaurants in town can quickly bite into your budget.

Instead, choose these locations for lunch to enjoy the chef’s creations and the overall ambience for less. 

Splurge on Luxury Facilities

Even if you choose a four-star hotel and upgrade to club level, that hotel may not have a spa. One little-known secret about luxury travel on a budget is that you do not need to be a guest in an exclusive hotel to book the amenities.

Reserve your spa treatments at the five-star resorts and spoil yourself, book another exclusive activity on the premises, or even reserve a table at its restaurant to enjoy top-tier experiences. 

Make Use of Your Reward Points

If you use your credit cards often, you may have accrued enough points that you can redeem for cash or directly with major hotels.

You can use this for your hotel stay, or for booking the activities you want with little to no money out of pocket. Many travelers are surprised by how much more luxury they can get on their trip when they see how many points they have earned.

Additionally, you can book your activities well in advance of your trip using those points. Even if your points don’t cover the full cost, you will likely save more money by having your reservations in place.

Prioritize Your Itinerary

For a luxury vacation to work on your budget, you’ll need to pick and choose the things you most want to see and do while there.

The best way is to make a list of everything that appeals to you and then decide which items on the list are your top priority.

If you have time and budget remaining to see other items, you can check them off your master bucket list for your vacation. 

Set Sail

If the thought of roaming from one hotel to another as you visit different destinations sounds like a nightmare, consider going on a cruise.

Cruises are full of luxury at every turn and tend to be cheaper than hotel stays. Plus, you only unpack once while the ship takes you to various ports of call.

Cruises are an amazing way to get all the luxury for less, offering all-inclusive packages that take the stress out of your vacation. You pay one price and get to enjoy all the amenities.

Adding a package for drinks won’t break your budget either. You can try a few different things to get the best deal on a luxury cruise.

One way is to choose a popular cruise line leaving from a place like Fort Lauderdale because it’s less expensive to fly in and embark from that port. You could also try booking a cruise on a larger ship because there are more cabins and more ways to save.

For a uniquely luxurious experience that costs less than you think, you may want to consider a river cruise. These tend to offer quieter experiences than the bigger cruise lines.

Avoid Holidays

Above all, if you’re dead-set on visiting a luxury location but have a tight budget, avoid visiting during major holidays. Prices will be higher than usual, and the crowds will be bigger too.

A great travel tip for getting more luxury without breaking your budget is also to plan your trip during weekdays. The airfare and hotel rates will be much cheaper, allowing you to splurge with reckless abandon on activities, spa treatments, and dining.

Don’t wait too long to treat yourself to the luxury vacation you deserve. Even when you have a budget, it’s easy to stretch with these tips!

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