6 Reasons for a luxury holiday in Maldives

Well, that was quite the amazing holiday that you dreamed of. You love your man dearly, and this time he has surpassed himself by taking you somewhere that neither of you had previously been to, but you want to return to again.

It is somewhere where you have created memories that will last a lifetime. He had worked hard and finally got that promotion that he so richly deserved, and decided to spend the extra cash on something luxurious.

What an incredible experience you had by heading to the Niyama private island resort Maldives, which if pressed you would recommend for 6 great reasons.

1. Your breath-taking luxury private villa was everything a loving couple could dream of. You went for a beach rather than the water villas that were available, receiving a secluded deck where you relaxed like two lovestruck teenagers, enjoying moonlight dips in the ocean and afternoons sipping drinks in the staggeringly beautiful location.

2. Inside your villa you were provided with a refrigerator full of gourmet treats, all the latest in in room entertainment systems allowing you to settle down to a movie together, making use of the Thakuru butler service, before enjoying your king size bed to the max. Your villa had lots of space and could not have been more pleasant to spend time in.

3. In the morning, after a wonderful breakfast, you enjoyed heading out together for a little exercise on the personalised bicycles that were included with the villa, before returning and enjoying the special treats provided by the popcorn machine.

Walking out onto that soft white sand from your position by the beautiful green jungle, you felt a million dollars, especially after trying out some low impact workouts for women on the beach.

4. It wasn’t just chilling, as you enjoyed the activities on offer to get the most from your stay, as a dolphin watching cruise got you close up and personal to a large pod of spinner dolphins nearby.

While your day adventure to a sandbank by speedboat where you were provided with a sun umbrella and towels for you to enjoy a romantic picnic in total serenity will take some beating.

5. You thoroughly enjoyed dining in Subsix, one of the best underwater restaurants in the Maldives, as marine life passing by your windows, while you enjoyed a champagne breakfast.

There were so many other options too, but your favourite was the Edge, which was set half a kilometre out in the ocean, where you were whisked by speedboat to enjoy the delicate flavours of the Indian Ocean with the seafood truly mouth-watering after you researched some of the dishes.

6. Your fella ensured that you received excellent value for money by booking through the website and taking advantage of the wonderful offer that included a bottle of bubbly, massages, and a candlelit dinner.

Staying at a villa Niyama private island resort in the Maldives, was the optimum in luxury and incredible scenery, which you could not recommend more.

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