The Features You Want from a London Luggage Storing Company

If you’re visiting London soon, you must take care of all the minor details. You must book a flight there, a return flight, and a hotel stay. You should plan out your schedule. You might check out some of the most famous sights, or you may also wander around a bit to learn the city’s rhythms.

You’re probably not considering your luggage very much, but when you get there, you must stow it somewhere safe. You can stash your bags and suitcases at the hotel if that’s convenient. What about situations where you haven’t checked in yet, though, or what if you’ve checked out but need somewhere to stash your bags before your flight leaves?

In those scenarios, you need convenient solutions for storing your baggage while in London. Companies exist that have locations around the city where you can drop off those bags. You can pick them up later.

Let’s discuss some features these companies might have. You should make sure the entity you pick has these, or you may go with a different one instead.

An Easy-to-Use App or Website

First, you should find a luggage-storing company that has an easy-to-use website or app. If you’re sitting in a café and using their Wi-Fi on a laptop, you might use the company’s full website. If you’re walking around and using your smartphone, then an app might do.

Hopefully, you can download that app quickly and easily. Whether you use the app or website, though, UX matters. You should see details that tell you all about how and where you can drop off those bags.

The Right Price

You want to pay a fair price to drop off your bags. If the price that you’re seeing doesn’t seem reasonable, look into some other entities that will take your luggage.

You might find some of these luggage-storing companies that want to charge you an hourly rate. That might work for you, but perhaps you’d prefer a flat rate per day. If you do things that way, you have 24 hours before you must claim that bag. That might work better for you.

Plentiful Locations

You should find a luggage-storing entity that has many locations around the city. It won’t do much good if you must travel halfway across London to drop off your bags.

You should also make sure that you find a luggage storage entity that has locations near public transportation. If you can get off a train or bus and easily stow your luggage in a centralized location, you can retrieve it later just as easily.

You might also look for a company that has luggage drop-off spots near the best landmarks, like Tower Bridge and Piccadilly Circus. That way, you can check out those landmarks and take some pictures before you grab your bags and head to the airport or your hotel.

Many Employees

You also need to drop off your bags with an entity in London that has many workers. You should give an employee the bags in person so you can feel sure they’re in good hands.

The worker to whom you give the bags should seem friendly and helpful. You might ask them about some spots around there where you can eat or shop. They should know the city, so they can probably give you some great advice. You might give them a tip to show your appreciation.

A Quick Drop-Off

Maybe you must drop off your bags fast because you’re attending a soccer match or some other event. If so, you should make the reservation quickly on your smartphone and drop off the bags just as rapidly.

The person you give the bags to should tag the luggage to make sure they don’t lose it and give you a claim number in just a minute or two. That way, you can hand off the bags and quickly get to the location where you can enjoy your event.


The best baggage-storage companies in London will also insure your bags. They will have a policy that covers every bag in case of loss or theft.

If you feel the insurance policy covers the bag’s contents sufficiently, you can drop it off and feel much better. If you have something particularly valuable, you might leave the bag but take that item with you.

These luggage storage services exist in London and elsewhere now, and you can use them the next time you’re in the big city.

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