How To Keep Your Home Safe When You Travel

As you prepare for your next trip, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of your home. Even though many of us wouldn’t like to imagine that unfortunate call of being told that something’s happened to your personal space, you must have your guard up to prevent any instances of intruders breaking in. 

Let’s face it- Nothing is ever a 100% guarantee; however, you can have certain precautions in place to leave any criminal feeling just as confused as an inexperienced bettor looking to place bets on Nascar picks and predictions.

The more precautions you have in place, the less likely you’ll be to find your home being broken into while you’re away. If you’re keen on wanting to know the different ways you can keep your home safe when you’re away, then stay tuned for more. 

Ways To Keep Your Home Safe

Make It Look Like Someone’s Home

The first thing you can do to avoid any unfortunate instances is to make your home look like no one left. Even though someone may spot you leaving your home or see you pack a suitcase into the boot of your vehicle, this doesn’t mean that you haven’t asked for someone else to keep tabs on your home while you’re away. 

The last thing anyone wants is to be seen or attacked, so any intruder is likely to avoid acting if they see someone home.

By setting timers on your lights and other devices like radios and televisions, these will automatically go on and off at selected times of the day, morning, or night.

Keep all things looking routined like maintaining the grass, keeping the car in the driveway, and positioning your curtains and windows like normal. This way, your home won’t give any indication of no one being home. 

Make Arrangements With Your Neighbors

While we would suggest not informing anyone about your departure, if you happen to have a trusted neighbor, you might want to ask that they help keep an eye on the house for you.

Should you be expecting a delivery during this period of you being away, ask that he or she collect the parcel, newspaper, or mail for you so nothing looks out of the ordinary if an intruder is looking for clues to confirm that you’ve left. 

Keep All Doors And Windows Locked

This may sound like a no-brainer but you’d be amazed at how quick it is to forget to lock up when you’re filled with so much excitement and rush to get going.

Though it may be natural to keep the doors locked, remember to also seal all mail slots and pet doors. Should you have any automated things like an automatic garage door, you might want to consider disconnecting the device’s electronic opener and placing a padlock on the garage door’s track. 

Don’t Share Too Much On Social Media

Traveling is a very exciting period to experience, and sometimes we get carried away and want to share this precious moment with friends and family on social media.

While this may be fun to do, it may pose a huge risk to your home’s safety since intruders could use your information and tags as a way to keep track of where you are.

By being sure that you’re away from home, these criminals have all the time they need to do as they please and get exactly what they’re looking for. If you happen to have things you’d like to share, rather opt to share these once you’re back from the trip. 

Contact The Alarm Company

It’s always good to have a home security system in your home. But since you’ll be away, be sure to inform your home security company of your plans.

This way, a patrolling vehicle can keep close tabs on your home and immediately inform you of any suspicious behavior. If you don’t happen to have a home security system, then showing subtle signs of one can also do the trick.

You can do this by hanging any fake security company signs around the outside of your home, or you can also try installing fake security cameras too just so your property looks well monitored. 

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