Kasol Adventure Camps

Kasol is a village which is located in Himachal Pradesh, mainly Kasol is popular for its trekking treks,Camping and adventurous sports, full of enormous enjoyment and thrill, like rafting, paragliding and many more.

In this post we would like to share with you Kasol Adventure Camps. You can also check adventure camp Himachal Pradesh. 

Kasol Adventure activities


Paragliding is one of the famous Kasol adventure activities, you can enjoy Paragliding in Kasol at Solang Nala. Paragliding price starts from Kasol is 3000/-  INR. The best time to Paraglide in Kasol from March to June. 


Kasol is famous for Trekking trails, you can enjoy Trekking in Kasol at Malana Trek, Beas Kund Trek and Sar Pass Trek are the best treks. Trekking price starts from Kasol at 4500/- INR. The best time to do Trekking in Kasol is from October to June.  

Mountain Biking 

You can enjoy Mountain Biking in Kasol at Multi-day tours and Safaris Kasol Tour. Mountain Biking price starts in Kasol from 899/- INR. The Best time to do Mountain Biking in Kasol is from March to June. 

River Rafting

You can enjoy River Rafting in Kasol at Parvati River is a great location. River Rafting price starts from Kasol River is 1800/- INR. The Best time to do River Rafting in Kasol is during the month of April to May. 


Camping is one of the famous activities in Kasol. Camping in Kasol is a fun-filled activity. Kasol Camps are famous all over India.

Campsites in Kasol are Himalayan Cowboy Camp, Kasol Adventure Camp and Himalayan Riverside cottage & Camp Kasol. Camping price starts from Kasol is 800/- INR. The Best time to do Camping in Kasol is from March to June. 

Camping sites in Kasol: 

Kasol Village Camp

Location: Old, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175 105

Timings: Open 24 Hours

Kasol Adventure is the great choice in India, Kasol Village Camp offers Air conditioning facility and many more. 

Himtrek Riverside Camps, Kasol

Location: Opposite the White House near parvati Kuteer, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175 105 

Timings: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Tuesday to Monday) 

It is known as the best adventure camp in Kasol, Himtrek Riverside Camp offers Terrace Restaurant and Free Wi-fi services. 

Moonlight Huts and Camps

Location: Bus Stand, near the ATM, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175 105 

It is one of the best Kasol Adventure Camps, Moonlight Huts and Camps provides Garden, Morning breakfast and many other services. 

Chalo Kasol Huts camps

Location: Manikaran Road, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175 105

Timings: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Tuesday to Monday)

Camp stay in Kasol is such an amazing activity, Chalo Kasol Huts Camps offers the best services. This place is surrounded by rich greenery that provides calmness to the soul. 

Kabila Camp

Location: Manikaran Road, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175 105

Timings: Open 24 Hours 

Kabila Camp is popular for great services and friendliness, it provides different accommodation choices. Their modern amenities are Free Wi-Fi, Mountain views and many more. 

Highlander Camp, Kasol

Location: Soma Ropa, near Shani Temple, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175 105

Highlander Adventure Camp is one of the bestest camps in Kasol. They offer Trekking, Jeep Safaris, Camping and enjoyment. 

Parvati Wood Camps

Location: Suma Ropa, Manikaran Road, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh 175 105

Parvati Wood Camps offer an invigorating environment for their guests. Their popular amenities are Bonfire, Parking and Music. Parvati Wood Camps activities include Angling, Trekking, Cycling. 

Orchard Camps 

Orchard Camps offer a great garden where you can moderate and peer, they provide all modern amenities such as Hot Spring Bath, Mountain View with camping. It is one of the Kasol Best Camps. 

Jalpa Camps 

Location: Choj village, near Kasol, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 175 105

Jalpa Camps offer great services such as Outdoor dining area, cycling, Hiking and many more. It is one of the best Kasol Trekking Camp. 

Aman Camps 

Location: near, village Banooti post office, manali road, Totu, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171 008

Aman Camps offers opulence tents and cosy lodgements with affordable prices. If you are looking budget-friendly camping then this is a great choice. Their modern amenities include On-site Restaurant, Hot Spring Bath, late afternoon Entertainment. 


  1. How to do Kasol adventure camps booking? 

You can book adventure camping in Kasol flat 25% off. 

  1. Is Kasol safe? 

Yes, Kasol is a beautiful and safe place for travel. 

  1. What is the best camp in Kasol?  

Kasol Adventure Camp is the best camp in Kasol. 

  1. What is the starting Kasol Adventure Camp price? 

The starting price of Kasol Adventure Camp is 2500/- INR. 

  1. Which are the luxury camps in Kasol?

Mahadev Camp Kasol, Riversite Camp By Rudrakash, Kasol and Black Martini Luxury Camps & Cafe, Kasol are the luxury camps in Kasol. 

  1. What is the address of Kasol adventure camp?

         Kasol Adventure Camp Manikaran Road Kullu, Himachal pradesh. 

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