How to Make Friends When You’re Always on the Go

One of the hardest things about being a digital nomad is that you’re constantly going to be giving up some of the special things you know and love.

On the other hand, life is an adventure, and you can always find new experiences. Make friends who love and who love you sounds difficult, but it can happen while you’re waiting in line for visa stamps or in the sitting room of your hostel.

All you need is to walk up and say hi. Here are some tips to make friends who might be a little shy.

How to make friends

1. Develop New Hobbies and Interests

Even if there’s no apparent common denominator to discuss, there’s always something new to learn.

If you see someone coming back from a diving trip, for example, you can say, “Hey, I’ve always wanted to do that.” Or, “How does it feel to do that?” You could be invited to go out on the boat with them tomorrow.

You could even realize you enjoy doing it, making it a win-win-win situation. Learning new talents and abilities at home is one of the most delicate things you can do.

If you’re traveling to Argentina, you may want to refresh your historical knowledge and share trivia with other travelers.

Alternatively, if you wish to make friends with the locals, you can learn a few phrases in the local language. Sharing with other digital nomads is critical in today’s world. This digital nomad guide is an excellent place to get started.

2. Help Other People

The biggest tips people share are ideas about paperwork (visas and banking) and jobs. If you need some help, don’t be afraid to ask a casual acquaintance you find yourself near. At the same time, jump in there and help people whenever possible.

“Hi, buddy, can I give you a hand there?”

You may quickly make friends if you witness someone laboring to set up their tent or fix their car.  Even if you don’t know how to help them, offering your assistance might be a great start.

Just be careful not to offer any unwanted advice that may appear to be interfering with their personal lives. So please don’t suggest that they try veganism or use more environmentally friendly items.

3. Discuss Your Shared Interests

“I love that book” is a great way to start a discussion. After the opening line, though, make the conversation about them. Ask them probing questions without telling much about yourself.

“I saw some people going diving today, have you been?” is much better than bragging about going diving yourself.

Create situations where they’ve given you information that you can string along into conversations or maybe even a date.

4. Share Your Things

Sharing is the easiest way to get on someone’s good side. You create a debt that they feel obligated to pay. Those systems of mutual obligation are what build trust and friendships.

It could be as simple as offering to share a taxi ride (and paying for it all yourself). You were going to go that way anyway, so why should they have to pay too? Ask them what they’re doing in town, and get their number for a late dinner.

The key is to give something, and don’t just make it a thuggish “let me buy you a drink.”  Be a little more creative and generous, and you’ll see the whole world open up for you.

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