Hair bundles add extra Pizazz to your Hair

As the old saying goes “There is a season for everything under the sun”, this includes hairstyles. Sometimes you would like to change your hairstyle at the beginning of a season, but you are not sure whether you should cut or color your hair.

This is an especially difficult decision if you have long hair, cutting those beautiful long tresses that have taken years to grow and care for is a big change and once you have cut your hair, there is no way of undoing what you have done.

The same idea applies when you have long dark hair and decide to color your hair blonde. To color dark hair blonde requires many chemical processes that end up damaging your well-cared-for hair.

For those of you who want to try a new trend each season hair bundles is a perfect solution. You can shop now at UNice to get various hair bundles with colors and styles to add more glamour to your hair.

Hair bundles come in wavy, straight, long, or short and you will be able to find a style that suits your personality. Taking care of your hair bundles is as important as taking care of your real hair or your hair wig.

Our professional stylists have looked at the different options of bundles and with this in mind have created a list of top professional tips to help you select the right hair bundle just for you.

These are the top 3 Hair Bundles available to choose from:

Deep wave hair bundles

deep wave hair bundles have a beautiful natural curl in the hair and a popular in spring and summer. They give your hair that extra bounce and create the illusion that your hair is full and luscious.

Deep wave hair bundles are an excellent option if you want your hair to appear thicker and well nourished.

Straight hair bundles

straight hair is shiny because it reflects sunlight, and the texture of straight hair bundles gives it better versatility as you can add them to your hair as smooth and silky or you can apply a styling product and then curl the hair into a wave or tighter curls.

Straight hair bundles are great to take along on vacation as you can wear them in a straight or curled fashion.

Body wave hair bundles

Body wave hair bundles almost resemble the shape of an “S” and are smooth, silky, and adaptable. This loosely curled hair bundle is not only beautiful but one of the most adaptable hair bundles.

This stunning “S” pattern is a year-round fashion accessory and is just as popular in summer and winter. The super bonus of the body wave hair bindle is that it gives you the freedom to be versatile.

During the day you may want to straighten the hair bundle to match your professional career look, yet these hair bundles only take a moment to curl for a superb night out on the town.

Professional tips and tricks

Face shape

When buying a hair bundle it is important to consider the shape of your face. If you have a beautiful strong square jawline opt for the straight hair bundle as it will accentuate the beauty of your face.

A round shape face will appear softer and more elongated with a straight hair weave bundle. If you have a narrow-shaped face choose the deep wave hair bundle as this will create the illusion of a fuller more oval shape.

For the lucky few that have an oval-shaped face you can choose any hair weave and it will not only suit your face shape but accentuate your features like your eyes, cheekbones, and jawline.

Caring for your hair bundle

Caring for your hair bundle is important if you want to lengthen the life of your hair bundle. Here are some important care tips from Hollywood stylists:

Taking care of tangles

During the day it is natural that your hair bundle might get tangled, after all, we do not live in glass houses, and our hair is exposed to wind, sun, and rain. This includes our hair bundles. If you are only using your hair bundles on special occasions this is easy to do.

When you remove your hair bundle, do so gently, your hair might have gotten tangled in the hair closure, and it will require some patience to get it loose from the rest of the hair.

Kinky bundles and deep wave bundles are prone to tangles, so be especially careful if your hair bundle is curly. Gently remove the closure from the rest of your hair, taking care not to damage the hair bundle or your natural hair.

The best way to remove your hair bundle is to spritz some natural oil onto the area where the lace closure is attached to the hair, this natural oil will moisturize the hair bundle and make it easier to loosen at the closure.

Once you have removed the hair bundle from your hair gently comb or brush the hair and either spray a natural oil onto it or wash and condition the hair bundle, ready for use the next time.

Storing your hair bundle

Storing your hair bundle is just as important as storing a full wig. Our Hollywood stylists recommend that once you have detangled, washed, conditioned, and dried your hair bundle you store it in a hair net.

Once in the hair net, wrap it in a silk scarf to prevent dust and dirt from getting close to the hair. Place this silk scarf into a box and store it in your cupboard ready for wear.

Shedding hair from the hair bundle

shedding is likely to happen to any hair bundle, this is normal, so no need to be concerned. If you notice that your hair bundle is losing some hair, don’t tug or pull at the hair as it might cause the hair around that area to also come loose.

The best way to deal with shedding is to comb through the hair bundle gently while holding the closure in place. This will prevent any other hair from being pulled out along with the loose hair.

Conditioning your hair bundle

Treat your hair bundle with care. When you notice that your hair bundle is dirty, comb through the hair with a wide tooth comb before you wet it. Wash your hair bundle with a natural shampoo, rinse the shampoo and now apply a good natural oil conditioner.

Leave the conditioner in the hair for at least 10 minutes to ensure it penetrates the hair shaft and will smooth away flyaway hair. Gently rinse off the conditioner with warm water and allow the hair bundle to dry naturally.

Now your hair bundle is ready to store and will be ready for the next time you want to add it to your own hair!

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