How to Make the Most of Your Dubai Desert Safari Experience: A Guide for First-Timers 

A Desert Safari is a location where you can have an experience different from your busy life. You will be taken on constant adventures and thrills in the Desert Safari.

Therefore, if you’re looking for thrills and want to have an experience that you won’t ever forget, then this Desert Safari is undoubtedly for you. It will surely soothe your rural spirit as this Incredible Desert Safari offers plenty for all ages.

With its crazy adventures, scenic views of nature, and stretches of golden desert, it is a fantastic opportunity for a relaxing vacation. So let’s get a sneak peek of what Desert Safari looks and feels like.

Types of Desert Safari

Before diving into the world of Desert Safari, you must be aware that whether you are a morning, evening person, or a night owl, there are three primary options for you to choose:

  1. Morning Desert Safari
  2. Evening Desert Safari
  3. Overnight Desert Safari

Every tour business provides this service, as well as pick-up and drop-off, air-conditioned vehicles, and magnificent views with a fascinating and enjoyable variety of adventures.

Choose what suits you best and take the first step of this journey by Applying for your visa!

Morning Desert Safari

The morning trip departs at 4:30 a.m. in order to see the amazing sights and see the breathtaking sunrise above the sand dunes. .

You’ll also be enjoying a great breakfast with famous Arabic coffee. Before the sun gets too hot, visitors are able to enjoy the unique activities such as hot air balloons.

Duration: 6 hours.

Evening Desert Safari

The evening tour begins between 4 and 5 p.m. Visitors can explore the desert’s diverse fauna at this time and partake in some exciting activities, not to mention to see the most breathtaking sunset of their lives.

Duration: 6 hours.

Overnight Desert Safari

At last, as the sun sinks beyond the horizon, an Overnight Desert Safari trip begins. Through cultural events, the roar of life at night can be sensed through live performances and music.

You can sleep in your lovely camp, wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed Arabian drinks, and also enjoy your beverage while watching the sunrise. 

Duration: 12 hours

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Thrilling Activities To Do at Desert Safari

A Desert Safari is a trip deep into the Desert land. You can take part in a variety of thrilling activities, such those that are listed below.

Dune Bashing

A common pastime in a Desert Safari that involves driving a 4×4 across the sand is called Dune Bashing. Since you can enjoy the stunning views from the passenger seat, it is a truly unique way to discover the desert and all that it has to offer.


Similar to snowboarding, sandboarding is a great pastime that involves sliding over the sand. Depending on the person’s skill level with the board, Sandboarding can be done standing up, sitting down, or even lying down on the board.

If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry; your guide will make sure you have the best experience achievable.

Quad Biking

Driving a four-wheel vehicle made especially for Desert Safaris is known as Quad Biking. It functions much like a motorcycle but is faster than it. You might feel dangerous to drive it and even cross challenging conditions using the full power of your Quad Bike.

Apart from the adventure, you require necessary safety measures for this, including helmets, knee pads, and hand gloves with safety instructions, which your guide will provide.

Camel Riding

One of the most popular and fascinating desert hobbies in Desert Safari is camel riding. Considering that it is a relaxing mode of transportation, who would ever want to miss it?

Tourists choose to take it early in the day so they can take in the spectacular views and magical atmosphere of the desert. After partaking in thrilling yet energy-boosting tasks, it is a sensation that offers passengers a chance to relax.


It is a tradition which is associated with women. It is made from the Henna plant, made into a paste, and put on your feet and hands after being wrapped in a cone-shaped sheet. It leaves a gorgeous stain that lasts for days. At Desert Safari, you can have any design made from it.

Desert Camping

Desert Camp will be your home through-out your Desert Safari Tour. It is a unique camp with accommodations, decor, and food that will leave you dumbfounded.

Accommodation: The cost of desert camps is well worth every penny as you can choose to stay in a standard, lavish, or villa-style facility, depending on your budget. They’re designed to give you a comfortable, familiar feeling. They also have toilets, air conditioning, and satellite television.

Food and Beverage: You will always going to remember the flavor of the meals in the Desert Camp in your mouth because it truly is so delicious. Also, traditional and global cuisines both offer a wide selection of meals.

Entertainment: Belly dancing, traditional music and fire performances are among the activities available at the Desert Camp.

It’s the right time to book your Desert Camping right away!

Start Your Travel Planning

Begin your travel planning by locating the correct tour agency. Do as much research as possible, check out their feedback, ratings, and how they operate, and discuss everything beforehand so you don’t have to stress.

It is advised to compare the pricing alternatives of several tour operators. Also, before finalizing the tour, find out what is included in the package because it is determined by the type of Desert Safari you select. It is ideal to book the Desert Safari in advance.

Select The Accurate Desert to Visit

It may appear that all deserts are the same, yet this is not the case. Their sands distinguish them from one another, with some having red sand, fossil sand, and golden sand.


All morning, evening, and overnight desert safaris have different prices. It varies and decreases according to what activities you decide to participate in and what services you want to take.

The cost starts from AED 170 for adults and AED 145 for children.

For detailed pricing varieties check The pricing options here.

Pack the Essentials

When traveling to any location, you must pack items based on the weather and your required basics.

Clothing Necessity (For Women): Because of the desert’s hot climate, wear and pack breathable, loose-fitted, and lightweight clothing. Also, clothing that will shield you from the scorching sun. Bring some warm garments if you plan to go on a night desert safari since it turns cold at night. And pair it with comfortable shoes.

Clothing Necessity (For Men): Wear loose-fitting clothing, such as long trousers/pants, rather than skinny jeans. Although shorts are permitted, they are not recommended due to the possibility of bugs in the desert. And pair it with comfortable shoes.

Skin Care: The sand in the desert can be rough on your skin, and the possibility of sunburn remains due to the scorching heat. So remember to take your sunscreen higher up to SPF 50 with you.

Sunglasses and Hates: Sunglasses and hats are essential for morning and evening Desert Safari tours to protect your eyes from the scorching sun and sand.

Medicines and A First-aid Kit: Remember that you may have nausea and vomiting because of the drastic change in atmosphere and humidity. It is exceptionally prevalent in the Desert Safari; therefore, having medications on hand will be helpful. Also, keep a first-aid kit on hand in case of an emergency.

The Best Timings to Visit Desert Safari

Warmer afternoons are ideal for a Desert Safari between November and March. Because at these times the weather becomes a mixture of warm and cool, and there will be more individuals around at this time.

The late evenings and nights bring a significantly lower cold than you’ll find in the major metropolis. If you are not adapted to the Dubai heat, avoid the summertime seasons.

Safety Precaution

Desert Safari has a highly humid atmosphere, so take lots of water bottles with you to stay hydrated. Also, respect the desert by not touching the rocks or plants.

Make the Most of Your Desert Safari Tour

Attending a tour and not getting the best out of it is not normal. There are numerous alternatives to participate in rather than just well-known activities.

Photography: Make this Desert Safari Tour a lasting memory by taking several images of yourself, your loved ones, and the magnificent terrain and surroundings around you. The desert environment is pretty distinctive, and you would want to take advantage of photographing it.

Picturesque Surroundings: It’s challenging to be in Desert Safari and not be able to appreciate its splendor. Examine the sights around you, become lost in them, and when you’re done with all the stimulating activities, have a place to sit and relax in the beautiful ambiance and calm surrounding you.

Enjoy The Night Sky: The sky is so bright during Desert Safari that you can see the spectrum of stars since the city’s noisy life has stripped away its beauty. It will be ideal to lie down and gaze at the constellations late at night.


The Desert Safari is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that everyone should have. You will surely get back to your home with some incredible memories that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, with the right preparation and tour business, it will turn into your best decision and once-in-a-lifetime experience to remember.

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