Why Countries Geoblock Content and How to Bypass It

As you make your way across the world, you may notice that at times, you can’t access the same sites you once could. The main reason for this is because of geoblocking, but there are ways for you to work around it. 

Bypassing Geoblocks to Access Online Entertainment 

Sites such as Netflix and Hulu often block content in certain countries, simply because they don’t have the rights to it.

A show on Netflix might be available in the UK, but in the US, that same show might be distributed by HBO Max, for example. It’s not just streaming that this impacts either.

The best Book Of slot games, including Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead and Rise of Merlin tend to be widely available, but if you have an account with a certain provider then the site itself may geoblock the country you’re in, meaning you can’t pick up where you left off.

A VPN is a prime workaround here, as it allows you to use the same website to play the games you want, without you having to sign up with a new provider that isn’t geoblocked.

VPNs also give you the chance to access Spotify when you’re on the go, as some countries geoblock certain playlists depending on the rights that the music provider has to the content, and the regulations set by the artist. 

Geoblocking is a Way to Segment Audiences

Another reason why geoblocking happens is because sites want to segment different markets. Some markets may have different content, languages or even pricing structures.

Even if the content is widely available in the country you’re leaving, and the country you’re visiting, you may find that all of a sudden, you need to change providers.

This can be both frustrating and time-consuming, and it’s one of the many reasons why people choose to use VPNs as a way to bypass geoblocks, as it allows them to access perfectly legal content without restrictions.

Businesses often use geoblocks to create tailored marketing campaigns too. A clothing website may have a sale that targets a specific area, but don’t want the pricing to be available in other countries, purely because of the difference in cost.

Clothing items in Asia may be much lower in price than clothing items in the US, and for this reason, geoblocking is a prime way to make sure that businesses offer the right pricing structures to the right people.

By using geoblocks, businesses can also guarantee that they are utilizing segmented market data from certain countries. It allows them to refine their marketing campaigns while ensuring that language and tone of voice reflect the country of their choosing. 

Geoblocking is a way to maintain branding integrity while ensuring that content remains specific to certain regions. With that in mind, bypassing it with a VPN is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t end up missing out on your favourite forms of entertainment when abroad, whether it be shopping online, gaming or streaming.

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