Turn Your Simple Regular Cakes Creative & Beautiful With These Ideas

Who in the world doesn’t like to have a cake?

We all do, but the excitement takes multiple folds to a level high when the cakes look creative and beautiful.

This is a joy that we want to give everyone out there, to the people who are deeply in love with cakes just like us. With experiments and experience, we have created a list of home cake decorating ideas that everyone can do perfectly.

So bring your cakes and keep the below-mentioned ideas in mind; let’s create creamy baked, eye-pleasing and mouth-watering delights.

Cuts On The Frosting

What does it sound like? Well, let’s not overthink because we are here to describe. Get yourself a knife and just move like painters on the cake frosting to end up having some abstract textures.

Just for the sake of mentioning it, the cut design would be as perfect as smoothly your hand moves.

Remove The Upper Frosting

Do you want your Cake to look really different without much effort? Well, we have got a really simple idea that results in something really unique.

Even though we know you have paid for all the edible things used in and on the Cake, we suggest you remove the frosting from the cake top.

Naked Cake

Nothing naughty, guys; it is just a term used to describe a type of Cake. The frosting (buttercream or whipped cream) is like clothing for the cake sponges, and so, not frosting the cakes means no clothing, which brings the title Naked Cake into the scene.

Where is the fun if you get a naked cake from the bakery? So, bring the Cake home and remove all the frosting. You can use the frosting to make desserts by dipping fruits in the cream.

Dry Fruits Fusion

Do you want a peck of crunch and healthiness in your cake bite? We all love cakes, and we all love dry fruits too. One of the easiest ways to give your cakes a new look is to decorate them with dry fruits.

You can cover the cakes with different types of dry fruits or a single type of dry fruit. There are many different ways to decorate the Cake with dry fruits; you can cover only the top of the Cake or only the side, you can use crushed dry fruits, and you can write your name on the Cake with dry fruits.

Candy Cakes

Like all the other ideas, get a cake via online cake delivery in Delhi or wherever you live, and have a stock of candies that you like. For this one, make sure that the Cake is wrapped in white frosting only so that the colours of the candies can be highlighted.

You can create different patterns on the cakes using the colourful candies or crush candies into fine pieces and scatter them on the Cake abstractly.

Floral Paradise Cake

As the name defines, we are suggesting you create a paradise of flowers on your Cake to give it a creative look. When we talk about creativity, there is nothing better than flowers.

Apart from the Cake, you need fresh petals of different types of flowers like roses, marigolds, sunflowers, orchids, lilies, and more.

Now using your imagination, cover the cake top with flower petals and enjoy the floral paradise while pleasing your taste buds.

Liquor Cake

This is more of an edible fusion than just a decoration idea. And you do need skilful hands to do it perfectly. Drinks like rum and beer are quite common ingredients in cake baking, but our idea is not to mix them in the cake sponge.

You need to create holes on top of the Cake using a sharp knife and place liquid-proof paper. Now fill the holes with your favourite liquor. The Cake will surely look like an outlandish one. Also, make sure to have drinking pipes so that you can enjoy the liquor without spilling.

Go try the Cake decorating ideas we have mentioned. We have to take your leave so that we can try new things. If you have bakers in your contacts, you can share these ideas with them too!

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