7 Best Travel Blogs in 2024: Top Travel Bloggers to Follow

Do you adore the thought of exploring our beautiful planet, craving to view it through the experienced eyes of globetrotters? Travel blogs are one of the best ways to get the information and motivation you need for your trips. 

They provide insightful recommendations and guidance from professionals and individuals who have personally traveled to these remote locations. These exceptional people have traveled to many countries. They are eager to kindly pass on their knowledge and advise us on the most desirable aspects of global travel.  

Fast forward to 2023, the universe of travel blogging has soared to remarkable heights. We’ve scoured the vast digital terrain to introduce you to the absolute cream of the crop in the travel blogging sphere. 

Here’s our top pick for 2023, based on their excellence, informativeness, and entertainment value:

  1. Travel Tom Tom
  2. The Points Guy
  3. The Planet D
  4. Journey Era
  5. Y Travel Blog
  6. Nomadic Matt
  7. Dan Flying Solo

These blogs are essential reading for every traveler. Whether they are organizing a lengthy journey or are simply searching for inspiration, you’ll be served.

Why follow travel blogs? 

There are some reasons for reading travel blogs:

  • Get inspiration for your next trip. You may not have known about new places and activities if it were not for travel blogs. 
  • Learn about new cultures. History, present, and future of other civilizations, you can learn this through travel blogs.
  • Tips from experienced travelers. You can find better, cheaper, and wiser travel tips from blogs.
  • Be entertained. Blogging about your travels is a great way to escape your routine and see the world through someone else’s perspective. 

The seven best travel blogs in 2023

1. Journey Era

Jackson Groves, an adventurous Australian who has been traveling for eight years, writes the travel blog Journey Era. 

After obtaining a degree in journalism, Jackson started writing novels on adventures while traversing the world. He concentrated on athletics, waterfalls, and trekking.

2. Travel Tom Tom

Travel Tom Tom has over 500,000 monthly readers, it’s the brainchild of Tom, a British explorer with 50+ countries stamped on his passport, and is all about nudging folks to journey more and step out of their comfort zones.

Both educational and entertaining travel-related stuff may be found on Tom’s blog. Both family vacations and low-cost travel can benefit from his suggestions.

A lot of people adore Jackson’s blog because of his exquisite photos, sage advice, and direct criticisms. He talks about lots of travel stuff like:

  • Places to visit
  • Tips for traveling
  • How to travel on a budget
  • Exciting adventures
  • Taking great photos
  • Sharing his personal travel stories

You can greatly benefit from Jackson’s blog, whether you have experience in traveling or not.

3. The Points Guy

The Points Guy’s Brian Kelly is an authority in travel rewards programs and uses credit cards and rewards programs to help customers have free or low-cost holidays. 

Offers candid reviews on airlines and hotels as well. The Point Guy also gives candid credit card reviews and reward tips. To depict his international excursions, Brian uses travel rewards.

4. The Planet D

A Canadian couple named Dave and Deb have committed to traveling the world for ten years. Their calling cards? Breathtaking photography and engaging, informative tales.

You can have a variety of travel hacks at your fingertips in the Planet D travel blog. 

Abundant of insider information on different locales and suggestions for photography. It also has travel information for families and children.

5. Y Travel Blog

A Chinese-American traveler who has visited more than 60 countries and created the Y Travel Blog. It aims to pique readers’ interest in travel at first and support them as they carry out their vacation plans. 

Giving financial and planning advice is effective in achieving this. The logger inspires readers with tales of the author’s travels. 

Everyone can easily access the blog as a resource. It benefits those who enjoy traveling and are seeking ideas and suggestions for fantastic trips.

6. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt, the brainchild of Matt Kepnes, an American wanderer with over a decade on the road, excels in practical, wallet-friendly travel counsel.

Travel nuggets, budget travel sagas, destination jewels, and other topics are all covered on Matt’s blog. His stories cover both long-term travel and expat life.

7. Dan Flying Solo

A British traveler Dan, who has been to over 100 countries created the Dan Flying Solo blog. Dan Flying Solo is one of the most celebrated travel blogs worldwide. Beautiful pictures and unfiltered, educational tales.

The variety of travel-related subjects available on Dan’s blog includes destination jewels and travel tips. There are also captivating travel experiences from his solo travels.

How to Find Your Perfect Travel Blog

With a sea of travel blogs out there, finding the right fit can be overwhelming. Here’s what to contemplate:

  • Your Travel Preferences: Are you drawn to exploring new cultures, traveling on a shoestring, or seeking high-octane adventures? Identifying your interests can guide your blog choices.
  • Writing Style: Some blogs lean towards informative content, while others paint vivid, personal stories. Pick blogs whose writing style resonates with you.
  • Photography Preferences: If photography dazzles you, opt for blogs with stunning visuals to complement their narratives.
  • Posting Frequency: Do you prefer blogs with regular updates? Seek out those who post frequently if you crave fresh content.
  • Check the blogger’s “About Me” page for information about their writing style and character.
  • Look for blogs with active social media presence as a sign of popularity and engagement.


The seven top travel blogs for 2023 listed in this article are evaluated according to their quality, usefulness, and entertainment value. They provide all the tips and information you need for your travel.

To choose the right blog, consider your travel interests, writing style, photography preferences, and frequency of content consumption. 

Consider following blogs by people from different cultures, disabled individuals, families, budget travelers, and solo travelers.

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