Camping & Hunting: 5 Best Location In USA

Camping is not only a chance to spend time and relax in nature, admiring the stunning landscapes and sceneries, but also a great opportunity for a variety of outdoor activities.

Among the main benefits of camping is that this lifestyle is perfectly combined with other hobbies. For example, we may often hear about ice fishing or hunting, as these two hobbies usually involve an extended stay in nature until you find and get your trophy.

At the same time, if you have many different locations for fishing, then in the case of hunting, you should look for spots in advance. Depending on the state and season, there are several restrictions and regulations regarding where you can hunt, when you can do it, and what wildlife you are allowed or not allowed to hunt.

However, there are still many places in the US where you can set up your hunting camp. And all you have to do is plan your trip, gather your friends, buy 3-person camping tents, and get the necessary equipment to make your experience comfortable and successful.

Let’s take a look at 5 great places in the US where you can legally enjoy camping and hunting.


Colorado is one of the popular hunting states. Here you can try your hand at elk hunting as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery that this state is famous for.

Eastern Colorado is represented by plains, forests, and canyons, while the western part of the state is occupied by the Rocky Mountains.

Colorado has a diverse fauna, so you can hunt here not only for elks but also for white-tailed deer, antelope, mountain goats, black bears, and many others!

Hunting in Colorado requires a license, so contact Colorado Parks & Wildlife in advance.


Georgia is among the most hunting states with over 600,000 registered hunters and over 100 wildlife management areas. So if you are looking for a place for camping and hunting, then in Georgia you will easily find an interesting spot for you.

There are many white-tailed deers in the state (more than 1 million individuals). In addition, here you can meet turkeys, wild boars, black bears, and even alligators! As you can see the choice of potential hunting trophies is quite wide here.

The best time for hunting in Georgia is from September to January. To obtain a license and permit, you must contact the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.


Like Georgia, Texas is located in the southern part of the United States, so when you visit such places, you can often hunt rare animals.

In addition to the widespread white-tailed deer, mules, pheasants, and wild boars, you can also try your luck in hunting alligators, nilgai antelope, elks, mountain lions, etc.

Due to the warmer climate, Texas is great for camping, especially for new hunters, because hunting in the cold northern states in the fall or winter requires more equipment, skills, and training, as hunting means you can be in nature for hours looking for your prey.

A state hunting license can be obtained from Texas Parks & Wildlife.


Another popular hunting state is Montana. As the 4th largest state in the US, Montana has a truly vast area to explore and hunt.

Here you can find a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as beautiful mountain landscapes.

The best time to hunt in Montana is from August to November.

Fauna you can target includes black bears, deer, antelope, elk (including Rocky Mountain elk), wolves, and even bison!

Moreover, bird hunting is also possible in Montana. So, if you are looking for a spot where you can set up your outfitter tents and enjoy your hobby to the fullest, then Montana is the perfect place to go!

Contact Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks for a license.


If you’ve ever dreamed of trying your hand at arctic hunting, then Alaska is perfect for you.

The best time to visit Alaska for hunting is from August to October. One of the main reasons for this is that many animals in the state often make long migrations between their ranges.

Alaska is known for its rich wildlife. Here you can hunt both small game (hares, partridges) and larger animals (muskox, elk, caribou).

Due to its northern location, Alaska is often a completely different world, so whether you are an experienced hunter or a beginner who is just discovering this hobby, then visiting Alaska is really worth it, because it is a completely new, exciting, and often unforgettable experience.

The main thing is to prepare well for winter camping, as the nights here can be very cold.

To obtain a license, contact the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.

In Conclusion

There are a huge number of different locations and states available for hunting and camping in the USA, so you can always find an interesting spot where you would like to hunt.

With different climatic zones, you can meet different species in each place, which makes hunting an exciting hobby for many enthusiasts, as sooner or later you will get tired of hunting only for elks.

We have considered only a small part of the states where it was possible to hunt and camp. However, these destinations are among the most popular due to the wide variety of wildlife and the number of individuals available for hunting.

The main thing is to get a license in advance and plan your trip in such a way as to get exactly the result you are striving for!

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