Eating Out: The Top Eight Best Foodie Cities In The World

One of the biggest joys of traveling to new places is experiencing the cultures you encounter. Opening your mind to new ways of thinking, opening your heart to people the likes of whom you have never met before…and opening your mouth to take a HUGE bite out of new and exciting cuisines.

Foodies don’t just love the food in immediate proximity to them; they plan and schedule entire worldwide tours around encountering some of the best foods that the world has to offer.

Food Tours Around the Globe bring hundreds of thousands of tourists into new countries every year. From one side of the world to the other, people turn up in droves to try cuisines they’ve only ever read about online.

There are obvious destinations like Italy, France, and Japan for some of the better-known foods like pasta, pastries, and sushi, but what about the other cuisines out there just waiting to be discovered?

If you’re looking for inspiration to plan your next foodie tour, we’ve got a list you can’t do without. These are our top ten city destinations for foodies looking for new tastes.

1. Paris, France

Let’s start with a classic. Paris is known for some of the most incredible gourmet cooking anywhere in the world. The City of Lights is a mecca for those who make pilgrimages to Michelin-star restaurants, and it’s home to more than just French cuisine.

Share a perfect pizza with your other half at Sette, indulge in crème puffs at Dune Blanches, get macarons with your afternoon tea at Carette, or have an entirely French meal on a Seine cruise.

To enjoy Parisian food like a local, stop by a local market and get your hands on a fresh baguette, some cheese and preserves, and a delicious bottle of wine and picnic in one of  Paris’ many parks.

2. Tokyo, Japan

It’s no secret that Japanese food is best made in Japan! This ancient cuisine relies on precision and adherence to the rules of the recipes to create a uniquely, truly Japanese experience.

Naturally, for most foodies, sushi will be at the very top of the list. Nigiri-zushi is technically a fast food dish in Japan, and it’s an excellent choice to get you started at the Tsukiji outer Market.

Soba noodles are next on the list; you can’t do better than the standing restaurants dotted around the city. Finish off with something sweet: wagashi! This sweet pancake-like pastry comes in various shapes and sizes.

3. Austin, Texas

Did someone say barbecue? If you’re heading to Austin, there’s no doubt in our minds that barbecue or maybe a bit of Tex-Mex is what you’re after. This vibrant city has a lot to offer traveling foodies.

Get started with a visit to Franklin Barbecue and have one of EVERYTHING. A taco is good walking food, so stop by Cuantos Tacos for a midday snack of some of the best Tex-Mex in existence. Round it all off with an overloaded doughnut from Gourdoughs.

4. Denmark, Copenhagen

Scandinavian food might not immediately be known as a foodie necessity, but it should definitely be on your list. Our favorite spot to eat in Copenhagen is the Torvehallerne, the city’s most famous covered market and a location that offers not only traditional Scandinavian treats like fiskefilet (breaded plaice with lemon and roulade), fresh seasonal fruit and veggies, fiskerfrikkadeller (Danish fish meatballs) or a cup of coffee and a pizza for lunch.

5. Marrakech, Morocco

The spices, tagines, grilled vegetables, and flame-roasted lamb that Moroccos is known for do not disappoint. This is, the lamb notwithstanding, a vegan paradise.

Baked and roasted veggies of every size, shape, and description. Light-as-air couscous as a side with a delicious tea to wash it all down. The spiced lamb cooked in clay pots until it melts in your mouth is all you need to know about for the carnivores.

We advise that you take to the open-air markets and food stands rather than sit indoors; the city’s views are second to none.

6. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a thriving, bustling city. The seafood is as fresh as you could hope for it to be, and nobody does seafood like the Portuguese! Sardinhas (sardines) are a specialty at the Feast of St Anthony. Azeitão Cheese, while not as well known as French and Italian cheeses, is an unmissable sheep’s milk cheese snack.

Of course, one of Portugal’s most famous exports is the beloved Pasteis De Nata (mini custard tarts), which can and should be consumed as often as possible.

7. Barcelona, Spain

Catalan cooking is renowned worldwide, and with good reason. The dishes made in the region have been made here, in the same way, for hundreds of years now.

Seafood is the obvious starting place, and it’s been served at Can Culleretes since 1786. Spanish paella, fresh fish, shrimp…you name it, Barcelona has it.

Catalan cooking is exemplified in Calcots with Romesco sauce; fried spring onion is grown in Catalonia, which has its own festival! If you’re a wine fiend, the red wines in Spain are unmissable too.

8. Rome, Italy

We’ll end our list with another classic: Rome. We hardly need to tell you about the globally popular foods that were born in Italy: creamy, al dente pasta, sharp and tangy cheeses, and the most delicious, melting meats.

Start with a traditional Roman pizza at Dar Poeta (no stuffed crust here!), follow with pasta at Santo Palato, and wrap it up with espresso and cookies at Biscottificio Innocenti.

Wrap Up

That settles the itinerary for your next foodie trip! We wish bon voyage and bon appetit.

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