Best Cruise in North Goa: Cheapest, Sunset, Cruise party!

The Sunset Cruise on the Mandovi River is one of North Goa’s incredible boat rides. It takes place when the sun sets each evening, creating a beautiful scene: live music, dancing, and good food on the boat.

You are surrounded by the most beautiful natural landscapes, including small villages and old forts, as your crew. The sound of the water makes it a super relaxed experience. It is not a ride; it is a mini party on the water, accompanied by a beautiful view, which makes this a unique and romantic thing to do in North Goa.

Best dinner cruise in North Goa:

Best Cruise in North Goa image
Best Cruise in North Goa image

An evening boat ride is one of the most beautiful evening dinner cruises in North Goa. With lights, the boat is a pretty, romantic place. They also serve yummy food, with numerous dishes to choose from. Live music and entertainment add to the fun in the evenings. As it glides along the river, the boat offers stunning views of the land and lights. It is famous for people who want an original and memorable dinner in North Goa. 

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Cheapest cruise in Goa:

The Santa Monica Dinner Cruise is one of the best dinner cruises in North Goa. It takes place in the evening on the Mandovi River. The little boat looks lovely and romantic with lights. This place serves a tasty buffet dinner with a variety of foods.

And music and entertainment make it a fun and relaxing evening. Moving along, you can enjoy pretty land and light views. People particularly like the Santa Monica Dinner Cruise because it has good food, many exciting things to see, and the river looks so beautiful. It is a popular choice for a memorable North Goa dinner.

Sunset cruise in Goa:

A sunset cruise in Goa is like a magic evening boat ride—a trip on the Mandovi to view the setting sun. Because the sun makes everything colorful, it is super pretty. There’s music and dancing on some boats; you can enjoy the scenery. It is a peaceful and romantic way to admire the beauty of Goa’s coast as the sun sets. These sunset cruises are popular with people looking for a restful and enjoyable evening.

Cruise party in Goa:

A cruise in Goa is a high sea celebration. They play upbeat music, and there are colorfully lighted dancing areas. Sometimes there are good DJs and special performances. Relaxing, taking in the beauty of Goa, or playing a friendly game with a friend, Across the Water Float, is an easy way to have a good time.

  • Fun Cruises Goa: It is a Mandovi River cruise with party cruises, DJ music, dancing, and entertainment.
  • Goa Cruise Packages| Cruise Party in Goa| Night Cruises – Goa: It provides cruise ships of all types, from catamarans to yachts, for parties. There are cruises featuring DJ music, dancing, and dinner.
  • Paradise Cruises: This firm provides parties on the Mandovi River featuring DJ music, dancing, and dinner.

Best cruise in North Goa for family:

The Sunset Cruise on the Mandovi River is the best boat ride in North Goa for families. It is tranquil and picturesque, with live music, and enjoyable to watch. And they serve many kinds of food. There’s plenty of room to run around and enjoy the pretty scenery on this cruise.

We suggest you go with River Cruise Goa for a family cruise in North Goa. Here are some reasons why River Cruise Goa might be a good option for your family:

  • It provides many kinds of cruises, such as sightseeing, sunset, and dinner cruises.
  • These cruises are family-oriented and often have special activities on the ship for children.
  • The boats are clean and comfortable, the staff is friendly and helpful.

How To Reach: 

By Air: Dabolim Airport (GOI) is the nearest airport, situated approximately 29 kilometers away. After arriving, you can hire a taxi or use other means of transport to get to North Goa.

By Train: Thivim Railway Station is the central railway station in Goa. Other stations include Madgaon and Vasco da Gama. You can take a taxi or bus from the railway station to North Goa.

By Road: Although travel is standard, well-maintained highways connect Goa to other cities. You can take a taxi, use local buses, or rent a car to reach North Goa from nearby towns or other parts of Goa.

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