Hoia Baciu forest

The Hoia Baciu Forest – Haunted Forest, Circle, Facts, Documentary

The Hoia Baciu forest Romania is the world’s most haunted forest which is located near Romania's Cluj-Napoca.The land covers an area of 250 hectares and known as...
Aokigahara Suicide forest

Aokigahara Japan’s Suicide Forest

Suicide Forest‘Based on a true event,’ isn’t that bone-chilling to even read? Especially when you’re watching a horror flick- alone- at night.We have...
greyfriars kirkyards

Greyfriars Kirkyard Edinburgh Scotland Haunted Graveyard, Timing

Historians revealed that George Mackenzie was a monster in the form of a human. People judged him his whole life by his actions; 18,000 people died by his command.
Stanley Hotel

Stanley Hotel & Room 217 Full Haunted Story

Stanley HotelHas it ever occur to you, whilst spending a night in a hotel room, is your room haunted? What would you do if it is? Well, most...
dumas beach

The Whispers of the Dead on Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas Beach Surat HauntedDumas beach is one of the most popular attractions for tourists. Its infamous black sand and the fact its haunted makes it notoriously famous amongst...
castle ghost hotel

Ballygally Castle, Ghost Room, Most Haunted Castle Hotel

Ballygally Castle HotelLocated in the village of Ballygally Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, just about 3 miles north of Barnes.Ballygally Castle is now...
lizzie borden house haunted

Lizzie Borden house Haunted – A Mystery Remained Unfold

Lizzie Borden House Haunted StoryYou might be familiar with the Lizzie Borden story and must wonder- Is the story of Lizzie Borden house haunted real?It’s the foremost...

Shettihalli Church Hassan: History, Haunted, How to Reach

Shettihalli ChurchLocated 2 km from Shettihalli, Karnataka; the Shettihalli church is one of the ancient wonder of India by the French missionaries from the 1860s.
Ancient ram inn

Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Adventures Story

Ancient Ram InnAncient ram inn is considered to be the most haunted places in Britain. Located in Wotton-under-edge, England. The area was a pub and a grade II...

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