If you want to enjoy an eternal saga of scenic beauty, Cotswolds is the go-to place for you. It comes with a variety of beautiful places with intoxicating landscapes. Once you visit those places, you won’t feel like coming back.

It is an ideal place to visit with family or friends. So if you are bored, or looking forward to an excursion, plan a trip to the Cotswolds. The lush greenery of the plethora of places in the Cotswolds will get you engrossed in them.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the best walks in the Cotswolds. And if you are looking for amazing deals on holiday packages, go for Nz coupons.

The Wychavon Way.

One of the most famous walks in Cotswolds is the Wychavon way. It was formed in 1977, to pay tribute to the Queen’s silver jubilee anniversary. It stretches for about 42 miles.

It comprises breathtaking views of dry stone walls that are of peach color. Spread throughout the woodlands and on the coast of the riverside. The Wychavon way is one of the most sought after walks in Cotswolds by the tourists.

The Gloucestershire way

The Gloucestershire way is situated on the border of Wales and England. It stretches for about 100 miles and is spread amidst the Forest of Dean.

It is situated on the banks of the River Severn, one of the most famous rivers in Gloucester. All these factors together aid in the tourists getting to enjoy the inexplicable scenic beauty.

There are multiple paths to get a tour of the Gloucestershire way for the tourists.

Cleeve Hill.

The Cleeve Hill is perhaps the most exquisite spot in the Cotswolds, along with the common walk. What distinguishes it from the other walks in Cotswolds is the sunrise and sunset spot on the hills. It is indeed beautiful, and it shrugs off a day full of toiling for any tourist.

There are a few more specialties about Cleeve Hill, the most famous one being the Golf Club, located nearby.

However, the cons of this place include the weather conditions. It is advisable for the tourist that they need to be careful of the fog and mist that accumulate, particularly during winter.

The Diamond Way

This is probably the oldest walk in the Cotswolds. At the same time, it is the longest. It stretches close to 70 miles, and you surely will not be able to cover it in a single day.

The reason behind the terminology of this walk is its shape, which is in the form of a diamond. It spreads between an area comprising farmlands and woodlands. Another special feature of the Diamond Way is that it has fountains spread along the entire walk, along with red soil on the pathway.

The Blossom Trail

One of the most intriguing walks in the Cotswolds is the Blossom Trail. Much like the Diamond Way, you will not be able to cover the entire walk in a single day simply because it stretches for about 50 miles, through the Evesham Vale.

The reason behind the naming of this walk is not difficult to guess. It comprises a lot of flowering plants on the way, and the tourists can get a beautiful fragrance and, thus, enjoy their walk.

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