10 Easy Tips For Video Editor Beginners


Today, you can create videos for personal or business use to share on social media. You no longer need the help of a professional video editor. Similarly, you don’t need any fancy equipment.

With the help of an online video editor, you can create a professional video from templates. In fact, this tool is so easy to use that even children and newbies don’t have any problems creating stunning projects. 

As a business owner, you must prioritize creating videos to promote your products and services. With an online video editor at your disposal, there’s simply no excuse why you cannot churn out video content regularly. After all, your modern audience spends a lot of time watching videos on Youtube, FB, IG, Netflix, etc.

Thus, if you don’t optimize this platform, you will lose out on opportunities. Remember, videos generate leads, promote conversions, build brand awareness, and fosters trust with shares. If you’re a beginner, there’s no need to fret if you take note of these 10 best video editing tips. 

#1 Pick the Best Editing Solution

You cannot make a stunning video without the right tool. If you want to streamline your production process, you must pick the right software. Thankfully, you can find a free online video editor that won’t break the bank.

These web-based digital tools come with an easy user interface that requires no installation or fancy tech specs. Furthermore, you can use templates, then drag and drop what you need on the timeline, and be done in minutes. 

#2 Learn Quick Shortcuts

If you want to boost your productivity, you must learn your online video editor quick shortcuts. Thankfully, you will find everything you need on a well-organized dashboard and efficient toolbar. With just a click of the icon, you can add the following elements to your project:

  • Stock photos
  • Free clips
  • Animated text
  • Graphics
  • Stickers
  • Music 
  • Voice-over

Don’t worry because, with constant practice, you will be able to master everything in no time at all!

#3 Create Backups For Peace of Mind

Even as a newbie, you must work like a pro and create a backup for all your videos files. This can save you a lot of stress later on in case your system crashes or your editing tool suddenly hangs.

Save them in at least two locations like your SD card or USB stick for added assurance. In this instance, if one gets corrupted, you still have another one as a safety net. 

Video editor

#4 Keep Every Media File Organized

It can be overwhelming to create videos even if you’ve got the best online video editor app at your disposal. Most beginners get confused and frustrated when they cannot find the media files they need.

Hence, you must organize all these digital files into folders for easy access. Hence, you are finally in the midst of editing your video; you won’t get flustered if you cannot find what you need. Doing this will save you time and prevent your aggravation.

Remember, there’s no right or wrong way for this. It completely depends on you! As a suggestion, you can try giving it a file name and placing it in the proper folder. 

#5 Shoot Longer Clips Than Necessary

Commit this crucial editing tip to heart! It’s better to have extra footage than no spares. Taking longer footage will provide more material to ensure you’ve got a better output.

Newbies tend to underestimate the amount of material they need. Don’t make the same mistake! Thus, when you shoot, keep your camera rolling for a few seconds longer than necessary. Besides, this gives you a lot of leeway when you chop and trim video segments. 

#6 Avoid Overloading on Special Effects

Effects possess the power to make your videos look professional. They serve as a great storytelling device that can add vibrancy and offer a different mood to your project. Examples of this are:

  • Animated graphics
  • Filters
  • Camera tricks 
  • Sound effects

However, beginners tend to overuse special effects on projects. The key to success is balance because excessive effects can have an adverse outcome. Instead, use special effects only when necessary and make it your mantra to live up to the “less is more” slogan. 

#7 Trim Unnecessary Sequences

Make it a priority to trim out unnecessary sequences that drag your story. Another term of this is cutting. Delete segments and scenes to make a more cohesive message.

Ensuring tighter cuts for your project means removing fillers and pauses. When you eliminate the gaps between scenes or dialogues with your online video editor, you propel the story forward and prevent dragging clips that bore the audience. 

#8 Incorporate Text For Better Understanding

When creating your videos, don’t forget to include text. The right words flashing on-screen will help you convey your message. Apart from reinforcing what’s on the scene, it paves the way for better memory recall.

Thankfully, you can add different font styles, sizes, and colors with your online video editor. For example, you can add the following text for better clarity:

  • Title page
  • Subtitles
  • Tips
  • Quotes
  • Outro 
  • Credits
  • Contact information

Just make sure that everything is spelled correctly. Uniformity of typography will also help you create a more unified theme. Most of all, don’t go overboard on fonts and balance them well with both images and audio. 

#9 Work on the Audio Quality

Videos provide a mix of moving images and sound. Thus, you must prioritize the audio component, too. If you forget this aspect, you do injustice to your own work. Remember, no matter how nice the visuals are, your audience will not watch it if the accompanying sound is horrendous.

Hence, you must ensure that you shoot your footage in a quiet location. It would also help to use a noise-canceling microphone to get the best sound clarity. You can also add the following elements with your online video editor:

Soundtrack from the copyright-free music library

Voice-over narratives for better explanations

Sound effects like breaking glass or explosions drive a point

#10 Take a Chill Pill

Finally, don’t forget to relax. After spending tons of time tweaking your video and playing around with your video maker, beginners tend to feel tired. Instead of pushing yourself beyond your limits, take a chill pill.

A short break will help boost your energy. In some cases, it even provides a burst of inspiration. As a result, you will turn to your editing work with a very relaxed and sound mind. 

Parting Words on Online Video Editor Tips for Beginners 

Additionally, you can view your work with fresh eyes and spot editing mistakes. When you know how to take it easy, you can make the best editing decisions that ensure your final output is a stunning work of art.

So make sure to do your homework and prepare the necessary research. Video editing is a form of art, so it should be as free and empowering as possible. So get out there and be creative!

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