10 most vegetarian countries for Vegetarian travellers in the world

Do you prefer vegetables and fruits to meat and fish?.

Good news for you! There are many most vegetarian countries, where all the conditions have been created for vegetarians’ comfortable life and vacation.

Vegetarian food is not only common but also affordable for any budget there. Which travel destinations are open for vegetarians? In this article, you will find the 10 best vegetarian travel destinations you must see. But first.

Be attentive and prudent

If vegetarian food is popular in a chosen country, this does not mean that only it is eaten there. Even if you order vegetables, they can easily be cooked in crab stock in Thailand, and in China, they will fry pies on lard.

If you are not in a special vegetarian cafe, it is best to clarify right away that you do not eat meat or seafood. Learn in advance how to say “no meat” in the local language: not all street food vendors understand English.

If you are vegan, be careful with baked goods, as they usually contain milk, eggs, or honey.

As a result, we advise you to always carry healthy travel snacks with you if you are going on a long walk in an unfamiliar place. This way, you can quickly grab a bite and get a more detailed approach to choosing a restaurant on your trip. Who knows if you will have a chance to find vegetarian food straight away rather than wandering around in search of a suitable restaurant? 

It can be a mix of nuts and dry fruits, parsnip chips, toast with bean paste or hummus, and so on. If you follow a trendy keto diet in a vegetarian way, there is also a set of travel snacks for you and reviews on ketond vs pruvit that give you full information about consuming nutrients while following a keto diet. 

10 most vegetarian countries for Vegetarians


The fact is that for a long time, Judaism prohibited mixing meat and dairy products, so many Jews came to the conclusion that it is much easier to stick to vegetarianism so as not to accidentally violate religious rules.

Over time, the strict culinary bans of Judaism were lifted. Still, the country’s population got so used to this nutrition that many citizens went further and became vegans, eliminating dairy products from their diet. 


Being one of the top travel destinations to find yourself in, India has the largest number of vegetarians in the world and is considered the most popular vegetarian travel destination. In 2021, their percentage reached 40%. Most of the Indians who have given up meat – about 70% – live in the country’s western regions, but in the east, only 2% of the citizens choose an ethical diet.

I can say that Indian is one of the top vegetarian countries in the world.

Indian cuisine is based on cow’s milk, but vegans will also find something to eat here. These are all kinds of vegetable and bean dishes, rice, as well as delicious bread cakes. 


If India is a heaven for vegetarians, then Thailand is one of the paradise holiday destinations you can travel to if you are a raw food lover and fruitarian. You will find local markets with an abundance of vegetables and exotic fruits.

Mango, durian, papaya, rambutan, longan, tamarind, guava, lychee – while you try fruits with the most incredible names, there will be no room for something else in your stomach!

But if you still want to try something higher in calories, go to the supermarket and look for foods labelled “Gin Jae” or “jay” – a symbol similar to the number 17. Among these foods, you can find vegan shrimp, sausages, fish, and other foods.


Are you looking for vegetarian destinations, travel, and toursSingapore is full of various restaurants and cafes featuring cuisines from all over the world and a wide variety of vegetarian options.

The percentage of true vegetarians in Singapore is small, but locals lead a healthy lifestyle and often eliminate heavy foods like meat and milk from their diet. Even if ethics and concern for the world do not rule them, the vegetarian keto diet is highly esteemed in Singapore.


Turkish cuisine is known all over the world for its exquisite recipes and abundance of vegetable dishes. However, few people associate Turkey with vegetarianism, but in vain! Indeed, today this country has about 15% of vegetarian citizens. So do not hesitate to pick this vegetarian travel destinationYou will not be disappointed!


It turns out that pasta, pizza, and ciabatta are far from all you need to know about the world-famous cuisine of sunny Italy. Unique risotto, breathtaking gelato, stunning desserts, and delicious coffee, as well as Gnocchi, Parmigiana Melanzana, Semifreddo, and the famous Italian donuts.

Even the most selective foodies will want to go vegetarian for a while! By the way, it is one of the most romantic travel destinations for couples.


The history of vegetarianism in Ethiopia is partly tied to religious beliefs since almost half of its inhabitants are Orthodox. Therefore, plant foods predominate in their diet due to a large number of church fasts.

This fact contributed to the active development of vegetarian cuisine in the country. Today, about 18% of the population in Ethiopia are vegetarians! Incidentally, Ethiopia’s northern neighbour, Eritrea, has similar culinary preferences and varied vegetarian cuisine.


Many chefs call Egypt “the home of vegetarianism.” And all because of the polyphonic national cuisine, which is dominated by vegetable dishes.

According to tourists, vegetarian options are easy to find in Egypt. A wide variety of them can be found at the hotel and bought at the local grocery store.


The national cuisine of this country is based mostly on herbal ingredients. Therefore, a vacation here is a real feast for the vegetarian gourmet. For example, Crete national cuisine has over 800 vegetarian dishes (about 150 are suitable for vegans). And by the way, Greece is on our top list of travel destinations for Christmas.

United Kingdom

The term “vegan” was invented in the UK. Still, the British are a bit conservative, and they do not always completely abandon animal products. Therefore, the trend here is “flexitarian,” that is, a “semi-vegetarian” diet, when people from time to time allow themselves to eat fish or meat.

In London, there shouldn’t be any problems finding vegetarian food. But if you find yourself in other cities, save yourself by Indian restaurants, of which there are more than enough in England.


When you go vegetarian, it seems like the whole world is against you! Some call you a freak. Others stop inviting you to dinner. At such moments, you want to believe that there is someone else in the world as non-standard as you are.

But what if vegetarianism is really widespread and very trendy? The way it is! Moreover, the list of travel destinations where people in entire cities and regions are vegetarians is quite large. We hope that our selection of travel destinations for 2021 will inspire you to explore the vegetarian world.

What is the best vegetarian travel destination definition for you? What country do you dream of visiting first? Please share your plans and experience in the comments below.

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