Marauder Mini User Review

The Marauder mini is a lightweight, small, and affordable drone that is best for starters and experienced pilots alike. It has a range of specs that make it the perfect choice for any person looking for an easy and reliable to use.

This article will discuss the features of the Marauder mini user review, and its advantages over other products, and how to get the most out of it.

Flashlights are a staple of everyday life. Whether you are walking the dog, camping, or just looking for something in the dark, a strong LED flashlight is an essential tool. LED flashlights are the most strong and successful type of flashlight accessible.

Overview of user feedback

The Olight Marauder mini is a miniature version of the famous Marauder 2, with a more compact body yet still powerful output of 7000 lumens at level seven in floodlight mode, which will have a timed downshift of two minutes to stop the LED from overheating.

A big circle LED sits in the center of the head to permit a 600 m spotlight beam, and six smaller LEDs circle the edge in pairs to generate the 7000 lumen floodlight beam.

Performance and features of Marauder Mini user review

It uses 6 x sram P9 LEDs, 1 x unknown Red LED, 1 x Rayten RT-5050 LED, 1 x unknown Green LED, TIR reflector, 1x unknown Blue LED, and 1 x 32650 Li-ion battery. The strong emitter in this torch provides up to 7000 ml output, 90000 cd intensity and a beam distance of 600m.

It uses a TIR lens to make the beam pattern. This light has 7 + 7 + 4 + 4 + 4 lightning modes. The memory feature is a perfect feature; the light will remember the last used mode.

It has a powerful feature, which is one of the most successful self defense tools accessible. The Marauder Mini torch is rechargeable easily through a USB port.

The throw is the calculated distance in meters at which the torch generates a light intensity of 0.25 lux. The candela per lumen (cd/lm ratio) can be used to determine if a torch has a flood or spot type beam.

Well-targeted spot beams can be over 100 cd/lm, tactical torches are generally between 20-100 cd/lm and work lights are less than 10 cd/lm.


A TIR lens works on the principle of full internal reflection. The TIR lens collimated the LED light into well-controlled, efficient light beams that increase the usable lumens in the target area.


The Marauder mini has mode memory. Mode memory means that the device will remember the mode you were using when the light was last turned off, and when you turn it on again.

The ramping mode of light is intuitive, and lets you seamlessly ramp the output. The Marauder mini is tactical strobe ready.


The battery indicator lets you know when the battery is charging, low or completely charged. This torch can charge the battery with an integrated charger, and it works with any USB power source.

This torch has a built-in low voltage protection to stop damage to the cell from over-discharge, so saved cells are not necessary. The built-in thermal control mechanically adjusts the brightness output to stop overheating.


The package contains a holster to safely store your light. The lanyard stops accidental loss of the torch.

The performance of the Olight Marauder Mini flashlight is measured according to the NEMA FL1/ANSI standard thirty seconds after switching the light on. The ANSI/ NEMA FL1 2009 standard is a set of torch performance guidelines.

For outdoors

The toggle switch in the center of the body gives simple access to pick between spotlight and floodlight. Its upper knob makes it simple to alter the brightness levels. The rotary knob is surrounded by indicators that present the brightness levels of the battery, as well as 3 GRB lights in 3 shades.

The torch has thermal sensors that mechanically lower the light to attain a body temperature below fifty degrees in the event of continued use of high output. A custom 24W rechargeable lithium battery powers it. It gives longer runtime and compatibility with the MCC3 magnetic charging cable.

The 270-degree silicone wraps the torch body surface and provides a better and safe grip.  The concealed lanyard hole permits for fast and simple storage for carrying and daily usage.

Although little in size, it is capable of a powerful performance. The Marauder mini is a must-have for those who rescue and research as well as hunters and outdoor fans.

The outdoors is amazing; anyway, do you truly need to bring a flashlight? Every hiker should carry an outdoor flashlight. Certain problems can be encountered, and navigation is challenging if you need extra visibility when hiking in the dark.

The top torch for hiking will ensure your safety and that you are not at danger of falling or slipping. There are lots of reasons to get an open-air torch.

Olight Marauder Mini VS Olight Marauder 2

Both the Olight mini and Olight Marauder 2 are great lights, reliable, rugged and strong. The one you will pick will depend on your requirements. If compactness and lightness are a priority, you will happily pick the Marauder mini. And also have to play around with the RGB mode.

If your priority is the throw and output, the Marauder 2 is the better choice.  If you plan to use the light a lot, the Marauder 2 can also be charged more immediately, and with a universal USB-C cable.


The Marauder mini is the best torch for those who enjoy the outdoors. It is very strong and small, with a dual beam of LED light. With 7 brightness levels, it is best for use at any time of day.

The Marauder mini is run by a mainly designed rechargeable lithium battery of 24Wh, offering long operation time.

The rechargeable battery gives a long lifespan, making it perfect for extended trips into the wilderness. If you are looking for a standard torch to take on your next adventure, check out the Marauder Mini.

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