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Kasol trekking is a popular adventure activity in Himachal Pradesh. The lush green valleys and serene environment. There are different trails for trekking in Kasol, like Kheerganga, Malana, and Tosh. 

This place is perfect for nature lovers where you can enjoy Himalayan beauty and peaceful surroundings. The best time for trekking is October to June when the weather is pleasant. 

Kasol Trek Overview:

  • Kasol Trek Length Kheerganga: 12 kilometers
  • Kasol-tosh-Kheerganga Trek Elevation: 8,825 ft (2,860 m)
  • Trek Time: 1-2 days
  • Loop Trail: No Loop 

About Some Kasol Treks:

In Kasol, you can enjoy several trekking spots, but you know some of them are very famous. Below, we mentioned those treks:

Kasol Kheerganga Trekking

Kasol to Kheerganga is a popular route which is approximately 12 kilometers. On this trek, you get to enjoy dense forests, natural hot springs, and panoramic views.

Kasol to Tosh Trek

The Tosh trek from Kasol is approximately 9 kilometres and goes through villages and alpine meadows. Tosh is a quaint village that attracts trekking enthusiasts with its simplicity and natural beauty.

Trekking Near Kasol:

There are also trekking options around Kasol. In these places, you also get a chance to experience scenic beauty and local culture.

  • Malana
  • Rasol, and 
  • Grahan

Trekking Packages:

Package NameDurationCostIncluded Services
Basic Kasol Trek2 Days₹2,500Guide, Meals, Tent Accommodation
Kasol to Kheerganga3 Days₹4,000Guide, Meals, Tent Accommodation, Hot Springs Visit
Kasol to Tosh Trek2 Days₹3,000Guide, Meals, Tent Accommodation
Kasol Adventure Package4 Days₹6,500Guide, Meals, Tent Accommodation, Bonfire, Rafting
Kasol to Malana Trek1 Day₹1,500Guide, Packed Lunch
Kasol to Grahan Trek2 Days₹2,800Guide, Meals, Tent Accommodation
Kasol Explorer Package5 Days₹8,000Guide, Meals, Tent Accommodation, Bonfire, Paragliding, Local Sightseeing

About Kasol Trekking Camp:

Trekking camp provides you with a comfortable stay amidst nature. Himtrek is a popular adventure campsite in Kasol where you can enjoy the beautiful mountains. It is perfect for relaxation and adventure, with bonfire, music, and nature walks.

Kasol trekking camps
Kasol Camps images

List of the best Campsites:

  • Kheerganga Campsite
  • Chalal Campsite
  • Tosh Campsite
  • Rasol Campsite
  • Grahan Campsite
  • Malana Campsite
  • Kalga Campsite
  • Pulga Campsite
  • Kutla Campsite


Which is the safest and most convenient season for Kasol Trekking?

The safest and most comfortable season for Trekking is from September to June.

What materials are required to apply for Kasol Trekking permission?

To be allowed to trek to Kasol, you need valid ID proof, medical certificate and receipt for payment of trekking fees. Apart from this, you will have to follow the guidelines given by your trekking agency or forest department.

What kind of essential equipment should be taken in Kasol Trekking?

For Trekking, you will need camping equipment like a tent, sleeping bag, and mat; trekking gear such as a rucksack and trekking poles; clothing such as layered clothing and trekking shoes; and, for safety, a first aid kit, water bottle, and navigation tools like a map or GPS device.

What type of luggage should I carry with me during Trekking?

During Trekking, you should keep essential items in your bag, such as a water bottle, snacks, extra clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, portable charger, cash, ID proof, and other essential items.

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