mackenzie poltergeist in greyfriars images

The Mystery of the MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars, Scotland

MacKenzie Poltergeist in GreyfriarsAre you planning to visit a new place? Here we are with an adventurous and supernatural tour to MacKenzie Poltergeist in Greyfriars.
Canewdon Church

Canewdon Church: The Most Haunted Church in the UK

Canewdon ChurchWe visited the Canewdon church a few times ago, and there we find the location spooky. We were yet to experience something unexplainable there at the place....
30 East Drive

Most Haunted Ghost Adventures 30 East Drive

30 East Drive30 East Drive is a trendy haunting place visited by people around the world. People found this place to be terrifying, and they found it to...
Top 10 Mysterious places in the UK

Short Story: The Truth About Top 10 Mysterious places in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the world’s top economy and best tourist hotspot. You won’t believe but the UK is the 6th biggest tourist spot or destination in the world. To...
Stonehenge pix

The Mystery of Stonehenge England: History, Facts, Images, Timing

Stonehenge EnglandStonehenge is a huge stone gravestone that is located on the northern part of Salisbury city, England.The study represents that Stonehenge has...
Skirrid mountain inn

Skirrid Mountain Inn Abergavenny – Haunted Place

Skirrid Mountain Inn AbergavennyThe Skirrid mountain inn known as the oldest pub in Wales, with over 900 years of ruthless execution, suffering, and witchcraft, it is no shock...
greyfriars kirkyards

Greyfriars Kirkyard Edinburgh Scotland Haunted Graveyard, Timing

Historians revealed that George Mackenzie was a monster in the form of a human. People judged him his whole life by his actions; 18,000 people died by his command.
castle ghost hotel

Ballygally Castle, Ghost Room, Most Haunted Castle Hotel

Ballygally Castle HotelLocated in the village of Ballygally Castle, County Antrim, Northern Ireland, just about 3 miles north of Barnes.Ballygally Castle is now...

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