Ise Grand Shrine: The Scary Place Ise, Japan

Ise Grand ShrineIse Grand Shrine is the most popular place visited by people when they visit Japan.It is the most critical and best...
Hashima Island picture

Hashima Island: The Most Haunted Island in Nagasaki, Japan

Hashima IslandHashima Island comprises of a complex history. But one thing is abundantly clear when humans leave something untouched; buildings crumble and nature finds a way to flourish.
Yonaguni Monument

The Mystery of Japan’s Yonaguni Monument: Documentary, Facts

Roughly 25m underneath the waters of Japan lies an underwater rock pyramid. No one knows who constructed it and when; however, it exists, accessible to anyone who wishes to go down and...
Aokigahara Suicide forest

Aokigahara Japan’s Suicide Forest

Suicide Forest‘Based on a true event,’ isn’t that bone-chilling to even read? Especially when you’re watching a horror flick- alone- at night.We have...

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